This is Silver Atelier Games

What are storytellers? We are the crafters of lore, makers of creatures — we also eat lots of snacks and cry over unfinished scripts?

We are Silver Atelier Games, a small game studio focusing on visual novels.

Portrait of You is our pilot project, and we hope you'll stay for the ride.

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About The Game

Portrait of You centers around Fontaine, a curator at a small-time gallery somewhere in New York. He’s not making much with the visitors to the gallery and decides to scout a renowned artist to boost his profits. Along the way, depending on your choices, he will also find love. Within the game, there will be 4 romanceable options, possibly more. The story is set in a modern timeframe, in New York, and its themes are heavily based around the nature of beauty and art history. Inspired by Micheal Cunningham’s novel By Nightfall, this game promises you a tour through the modern art scene with some surprises along the way.

What To Expect

He attacc,
He protecc,
Most importantly,

He eat the same snacc and draw baccc.

The Dream Team

(Left to Right) Hira (Lead/Writer/Editor); Ozu (Sprites & GUI); Dragon (CGs); Olie (BGs); Cryset (Music & Vocals)

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